For the last 4 years I've had the privilege of using Matt LeMay as my go-to mixer. His work on my records is sensitive and elegant, his attention to detail fastidious. Always I come away from our sessions feeling my work is in trustworthy hands and the belief our collaboration will shape the songs into their best selves. Even as someone who self-produces, I would be nothing without my small yet mighty team of collaborators. My work is very personal in nature and takes sometimes many years to complete. I rely on my mixer to help ready my songs for the outside world. He has helped highlight aspects that might have been overlooked in more careless hands, applied shine to vocals where they once were dull, and sheen to synths that once were flat and one-dimensional. This task is not always easy, but Matt is very generous with his time and takes into account of my notes and critiques. He has not once dialed it in while on the job. The outcome is always astonishing. As a producer I can not recommend his mixing enough.


Even before I worked with Matt I knew him to be a thoughtful and talented guy wise beyond his years  Once we started collaborating on music I was amazed at his skillfulness behind the board, his prowess with virtually any instrument (including virtual instruments), and his measured and efficient mixing process; allowing me to indulge my whims but also providing a steady hand and the assuredness to tell me, "I think that's enough."  There's a reason Matt's my go-to mixer: he has the uncanny ability to make the songs infinitely better.

Scott McCaughey (the young fresh fellows, the minus 5, r.e.m.)

I file Matt and A QUESTION OF FREQUENCY in my overloaded brain as a one-stop shop, where many musical and non-musical needs can be met in the most expeditious, artistic and pain-free way imaginable. See, whether Matt provides incredible versatility as a musician, studio wizardry and a mixmeister's critical ear, or even delicious single-cup drip coffee, I've always been pleased with whatever goes on in his humble gear-jammed workspace.  I recently put R.E.M.'s Mike Mills in Matt's capable hands for a rather panicked last-second vocal session.  The results were stellar, and almost even more importantly, it was obvious that a grand time was had by all.  I also recommend Mr. LeMay's culinary tastes -- his knowledge of and enthusiasm for brilliant food ops is boundless!      


We came to Matt with a batch of recordings recorded over the span of some years, geography and of varying degrees of quality. Matt was a finely tuned and patient ear who brought out the best in each song and helped us achieve consistency and unity throughout the album. We often came to him with ethereal extended metaphors for what we wanted out of the sound, and he was able to interpret our intention and totally nail the vibe. 

I've been extremely fortunate to work with Matt for the last couple of years, and I've been very happy with his fantastic mixes. He is open, receptive, excited, helpful, creative, and supportive--as well as unbelievably quick!  He can take any odd description I give him and realize it, which is kind of extraordinary given how ridiculous some of my descriptions can be! I really enjoy working with Matt because I feel like he's on my side--that it isn't just a "let's get this done" thing, but a "let's make this awesome" thing. He cares, he's very good at what he does, and he's an exceptionally nice person to boot.


I discovered Matt’s work through Casey Dienel’s White Hinterland project and was immediately taken with the results of their collaboration. We have worked together the last two years and I am always so so thankful for him because in addition to his wealth of technical knowledge, he really GETS me and as we continue to work together, the ease with which he helps me get to exactly my desired results perpetually surprises and amazes me. Kind, accommodating, soulful, affordable, intelligent and talented. If i’m coming on a little strong it’s because I love Matt LeMay.